Lynex is Silicon Valley's premiere skin care and cosmetics manufacturer. As a private labeler we offer development in a wide range of products for personal beauty, care and treatment. Distributed across 32 countries and used by over 2.2 million consumers our custom formulated products behind the brands are the manifestation of our dedication to quality.

Unique Products

Lynex has an exceptional portfolio of products we have developed over the years for our clients. Our diverse expertise in product formulation enabled us to meet any challenging project.

From the conventional to naturals to the organics class products, we develop the formulations and manufacture to our customer's exact specifications. Some of the products we develop are:

- Cosmetics
- Skin Care
- Spa Products
- Hair care
- Anti-aging Products
- Salt Scrubs
- Masks
- Organics
- Pigments
- Fragrances

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