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About Lynex
Lynex is Silicon Valley’s premiere skin care and cosmetics developer focusing on purely innovative organic products that redefines the approach to keeping the health
and youth of our skin.

Lynex Inc. is Silicon Valley’s premiere skin care and cosmetics manufacturer. As a private labeler, Lynex offers development in a wide range of products for personal beauty, care and treatment. Distributed across 32 countries and used by over 2.2 million consumers their custom formulated products behind the brands are the manifestation of their dedication to quality. Lynex operates under the belief that only the best quality natural ingredient sources are likewise the better and healthier option for any skin application.

Long before buzzwords like organic products were in the mainstream, Lynex have always developed and produced products under these principles. It’s not just marketing, they believe in it. To achieve this Lynex partners with reputable US suppliers. Products are always American made and ingredients are always American supplied where possible to ensure all aspects of our products adhere to the strictest quality standards and manufacturing practice.Organic Dragon Fruit Anti-Aging Hybrid Cream is a trademark of Lynex Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.